Pro Credit LLC – About us

Since our establishment in 2015, Pro Credit LLC has been offering financial services that benefit the society, aiming to provide smooth and accessible activities that meet the needs of low and middle-income communities.

We have expanded our scope of operations and branched out into a mining subcontractor in rural areas in 2017 and a domestic tourism company in 2018.

Unfortunately beginning of 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has impacted most countries of world and regarding that setback, our company’s ongoing projects and future development plans had to be postponed.

Nonetheless, we have overcame this difficulty with the company’s correct policy and management team, and in 2022, the company’s foreign trade department were successfully established and started operating since.

  • Vision

    At all levels of our activities, our activities will be socially beneficial, responsible, fair and ethical.

  • Mission

    Professional, competent, dedicated, honest, public quality in an open team is an organization that offers comprehensive services.


Collaborating and customer organizations.